Design + Build Services

We believe that building a home is a specialized craft.  When you work with Envinity, you don’t just get a house – you get a beautiful and efficient custom home that will last for generations.

We value high-quality workmanship, and as a result we take care through every step of the design build process to ensure that our homes are healthy, energy-efficient, soundly constructed, durable, and beautiful.

Along with the integrity and beauty of the home, we care about its performance.

Our homes are designed and constructed to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact.  That means designing each home to make the best use of its landscape, solar resources, and renewable energy potential; managing energy use with efficient HVAC systems, air-sealing and insulation; and using local resources and sustainable building materials whenever possible.

Finally, we strive to create homes that are consistent with the desires and tastes of our customers.  Our goal is to build a home that matches your vision. We work with our customers throughout the design-build process so that each home is the outcome of a unique, collaborative process of decision making.  From the initial back-of-envelope designs to the choice of hardwoods and hardware, we want to help you realize your vision.

Do you have some ideas already?  Feel free to send a drawing or description to  We’d love to talk it over with you.

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