Our Design Philosophy

At Envinity, our Custom Home Design Philosophy is all about energy efficiency.  There are three main focal points of our Energy-Efficient designs:  Siting, Features, and Methods & Materials.

Home Design

Envinity’s design process helps our clients visualize their ideal home.

1.SITING:  There are certain ways a home can take advantage of its building site that can help conserve energy.  Proper solar orientation, positioning on a slope, and even the home’s relationship to nearby natural or constructed features can make a big difference in the amount of energy a home uses.

2.FEATURES:  We design the home to take advantage of the sun’s radiation in the winter, and minimize it in the summer. Other features of Evninity’s custom homes include natural lighting, efficient use of space, and heat storage.

3.METHODS & MATERIALS:  A big part of Envinity’s Design Philosophy revolves around the choice of interior and exterior materials. We select our materials and construction methods to help ensure the home will last for generations.  Paying close attention to moisture management and choosing durable materials are important to a building’s longevity. The careful selection of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems is also key to a high-performing home.

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