Our Design + Build Process

At Envinity, design-build is a fully integrated process.  That means everyone on our team, from designers to carpenters to site managers, are part of the vision and the execution of the project from beginning to end.

Many homes today are designed and built by separate parties, which can result in miscommunication, inefficiency, and lack of accountability. When you build a home with Envinity, there is constant dialogue and interaction, resulting in the right home for you.

Envinity walks you through every stage of the design-build process: pre-design, design, and construction.  We like to be involved as early as possible to deliver a high performance home, with efficiency and functionality incorporated into the overall design from the get-go.  As we proceed through the design-build process, we will listen carefully to your needs and desires and incorporate them into the finished product.

Our collaborative design process happens in four phases.

  1. The Conceptual Design Phase-We establish the form, appearance, and size of your home.  We’ll visit your site and talk about possible locations.
  2. The Design Development Phase-We explore the home in more detail.  We’ll give you a guided tour through a 3D computer model, look at details up-close, and talk about construction materials.
  3. The Final Design Phase-All the details of your project come together.  We’ll review the dimensions of your future home and finalize materials, finishes, and internal systems.
  4. The Construction Documents Phase-We prepare all the documentation necessary to build your home.

Our goal is to make sure you get the home you want, and to make the process of getting there as seamless as possible.

Envinity Sample 3D Model

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