Timber Frame Homes

Timber frame structures consist of large wooden posts, horizontal beams and diagonal braces.

Timber Framing is a versatile building technique that can range from rustic to modern.

Timber Framing is a versatile building technique with a look that can range from rustic to modern.

The timbers are significantly larger than what you would find in a typical “stick-framed” building, and are usually fully exposed to the interior of the finished home to show off the beauty of the structure.

A timber frame from Envinity is not a factory-made “kit home.” The timbers are handcrafted in our shop out of high-quality, local woods.  Our carpenters transform rough-sawn beams into precisely-cut finished timbers with traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery.  The frame is then bundled up and transported to your building site, where the timbers are fitted together and secured with wooden pegs.

After the “bents,” or wall sections, are assembled, they are raised into place and braced.  Additional bents and connecting pieces are added, and the structure quickly takes shape.  In a day or two, a new home seems to have sprung out of the ground – a home that will stand the test of time and provide a pleasing and unique living environment for generations to come.

After the home is framed, it is enclosed with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), which results in a tight building envelope and a beautiful, energy-efficient home.  Learn more about building with SIPs here:  SIP Timber Frame.

Whether your style is contemporary or rustic, a timber frame can be fashioned to fit your tastes.  Have questions about Envinity’s timber frames?  Read our TimberFrame FAQs document for more information.

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