It can often seem like the engineering is easy, and that securing funding is the real challenge for a health facility engineer. At this week’s annual Pennsylvania Society for Health Facility Engineering Conference, Envinity Engineer, Kevin Gombotz, will discuss successful strategies for developing and gaining funding for energy management programs. Practical examples will be drawn from 2 health systems: the first organization being capital constrained and relying on operational improvements through retro-commissioning to meet a 10% reduction goal. The second has an internally funded a $4M 3-year energy program that will reduce energy consumption by 20% while renewing aging equipment. The session has the following learning objectives:

  1. Understand the specific benefits of energy management to the facilities department.
  2. Gain an introduction to ASHE’s free benchmarking program and project evaluation tools.
  3. Learn a process for preparing a Strategic Energy Plan.
  4. Take away tips for gaining the interest and commitment of leadership.
  5. Investigate common retro-commissioning fixes that get quick results at most facilities.

Envinity will also be moderating a panel discussion where participants will learn interactively from 4 leading energy experts who work within PSHFE member health systems: Geisinger, UPMC, Hershey Medical Center, and the Guthrie Clinic.  The goals of this session are focused on working through the various barriers to implement a successful energy management strategy.