Siding, Windows, and Doors

Give your home a face-lift and add to your resale value by installing quality siding, windows, and doors.


When considering improvements to a home, among the first things many homeowners want to upgrade are siding, windows & doors. IMG_1903New siding, windows, & doors are also among the simplest ways to increase the resale value of your home.

With so many of the big-box stores and many local contractors offering “low-cost vinyl windows,” vinyl siding, and door installations, how does Envinity compete in such a low-bid industry?  Its simple.  We do not install low-quality products.  Our focus is on durability and energy efficiency, installed by craftsmen who know how to do things the right way.  A new window, door, or siding isn’t worth much if it’s not installed properly or if the product used is low quality.  Improper installation of a door or window will reduce home comfort, compromise your home’s integrity, and actually increase your energy use. Envinity knows how to install windows, doors, and siding to achieve maximum efficiency, performance, and functionality.



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