Home Performance Contracting

Are you paying too much to heat your home in the winter? Are you sacrificing comfort to keep utility bills down? When you have a high-performing home, you don’t have to make compromises-you can have comfort, efficiency, and cost savings simultaneously.


Envinity uses the principles of building science to diagnose the inefficiencies of your home. Through our proven process starting with the home energy audit, we can provide you with a plan to drastically reduce your energy costs.

Envinity uses building science to diagnose the inefficiencies in your home.

Envinity specializes in optimizing home performance through advanced building science, helping you to achieve a desirable balance between cost, comfort, and energy efficiency.

It starts with a home energy audit.  We identify factors that may be limiting your home’s performance, such as poor insulation, air leaks, and inefficient mechanical systems.  Once we have an understanding of the whole system, we recommend specific steps to achieve higher performance within your budget.

We first suggest improvements that give you the “biggest bang for your buck,” where our customers see the biggest efficiency gains and cost savings.  Only after these baseline improvements are made will we suggest more significant upgrades.

Our team also installs and monitors equipment in your home over time to make sure it’s performing at its peak.  To get started, take our home energy survey.

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