Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable energy systems such as solar, wind, or geothermal can help power, heat, and cool your home.

Envinity offers several alternative energy systems that can be tailored to your home, needs, and budget.

Envinity has been installing renewable energy throughout Pennsylvania since 2007. With over 600 kW of solar power installed, Envinity is the leading installer of residential renewable energy in Centre County.

You may have noticed that a lot of “fly by night” solar contractors have popped up all over Central Pennsylvania as soon as rebates and incentives became available. Can you be certain that they will be there to service your equipment or answer your questions when these go away? Our expertise in multiple areas of energy conservation will allow us to sustain our business regardless of the fluctuations in the solar market. The fact that we deal with energy efficiency through various avenues will allow us to stay competitive in this market for many years to come.  We are deeply rooted in the community; and the versatility of our company will enable us to survive the ebbs and flows of the market of the coming years.  We were doing solar long before the SRECs and incentives became available, and we will continue to provide solar installations even after incentives are gone.

Learn more about installing solar power with Envinity at our solar website –

Solar Power

Renewable Energy Systems - Solar PowerSolar power is the conversion of the sun’s energy in electricity through solar panels. It is one of the cleanest energy alternatives for homeowners today.

Wind Power

Renewable Energy Systems - Wind PowerWind turbines convert the force of the wind into electricity. It needs to be considered carefully as an one of the alternative renewable energy systems.

Solar Hot Water

Renewable Energy - Solar Hot WaterSolar water heaters convert the sun’s energy into heat and solar energy for heated water, which can dramatically lower your electricity bill.


Renewable Energy - GeothermalGeothermal pumps, also called ground-source heat pumps, use the Earth’s natural temperature to heat and cool a home or commercial building.