The fact is that we, as ratepayers, provide the funding for FirstEnergy’s residential programs. If we are supporting these programs, let us also be sure to use them to our advantage. Several worthwhile rebate programs are available to FirstEnergy customers in Pennsylvania. Below you can find a description of the different rebate offers, as well as links to relevant FirstEnergy Program Pages.

A payment free program called “WARM” is available for income qualifying FirstEnergy customers. If you think you may qualify for WARM, please click here to learn more.

For FirstEnergy customers that are not income qualified for assistance through the WARM Program, there are still plenty of opportunities to get money back for making wise energy saving investments.

Here are a few ways to save and some brief descriptions:


We are now in Phase III of FirstEnergy’s Residential Comprehensive In-Home Energy Audit Program. The program provides rebates to customers who schedule an energy audit with a BPI Certified Auditor, and achieve at least 350 kWh of energy reductions. The rebate is for up to $250!

Envinity has a BPI Certified Auditor on staff who provides a thorough whole-home audit complete with energy bill analysis, air leakage testing, infrared imaging, and health and safety inspections. We also provide up to $200 of energy savings products the day of the audit, including LED light bulbs, smart power strips, faucet aerators, and energy efficient showerheads. This means you will start saving energy before the audit is finished! The savings associated with these products will be used to provide the 350 kWh savings needed to qualify for the rebate.

After you receive the audit report, there are rebates available for adding auditor recommended wall or attic insulation, air sealing, duct sealing, and ENERGY STAR qualified window replacements. These are referred to as major measures, and the rebate application can be found here.
*If you save over 2,000 kWh, you can receive an additional $100 in rebates, and an additional $150 if you save over 3,000 kWh!


If you replace your water heater with a qualified heat pump water heater, you can earn up to a $300 rebate. If you purchase a qualified solar water heater, rebates are available up to $500! In order to ensure that you choose an appropriate model and install it correctly, contact Envinity or a qualified HVAC Contractor!


There are several rebates for HVAC equipment, including both sales AND service! Available rebates range in value from $25 to $600 depending on what measures you take/ systems you purchase. Whether you need a system tune-up or a new heat pump, FirstEnergy has rebates for you to take advantage of!


Replacing your refrigerator, clothes washer, clothes dryer, freezer, and/or dehumidifier with a qualifying model can earn you rebates as well. Use this appliance finder tool from FirstEnergy to ensure you qualify for a rebate!

Online appliance rebate applications can be found here.

If you are interested in scheduling an Energy Audit, or if you would like to install any heating, cooling, and/or water heating products with Envinity, please call 814.231.3927. We would be happy to help.