Ten years ago today, Envinity was officially launched as a company.  Our aim was to construct homes that would have a minimum impact on our environment.  Over the years, our goals have evolved to include making existing homes and businesses more energy efficient, and to install clean, local renewable energy.  So with each passing Earth Day, we like to reflect on all the projects our 22 employees are working on to minimize the impact our built environments have on our society.  On this Earth Day 2015…

…Asa and Corey are beginning the installation of 16 kW solar power system,

…Brian is providing education and outreach to 700+ employees of Sheetz on the benefits of home energy efficiency,

…Chris, Jeff, and JD are remodeling a previously unfinished attic into living space that will not increase the overall energy consumption of the home,

…Matt is working at a hospital in Sayre to retro-commission their building automation systems to reduce energy usage by 15%,

…Jason is designing two more solar power arrays,

…Jerry and Jordan are working on the designs of two new high performance homes,

…Chris and Mark are hosting a kick-off meeting at a local school to modernize the lighting system to use 40% less electricity,

…Norm and John are working on the finishing touches of a high performance home in Julian,

…Mike and Bob are out providing HVAC service to help lower utility costs through preventative maintenance.

While we remain a small company, we believe the impact and diversity of our work is making a difference in our world.  On this Earth Day, we ask all who read this to do your part as well.