The Envinity Culture

johnWe think of ourselves as “Carhartt-clad engineers and building scientists”.  We are talented designers and craftsmen, equally capable of interacting with CEOs and maintenance technicians. We are environmentalists at heart, but we approach projects with the objective of saving our clients energy and money.

We all believe in what we’re doing, and from that shared vision springs an uncommon ability to work together across disciplines and solve difficult problems.  Our small size and collaborative working style gives us a level of agility that is hard to find elsewhere.

When you’re doing work that is cutting-edge and inherently complex, it’s important to maintain open lines of communication with each other and with our clients.  When one of our clients has a question or a need, we resolve it.  When we need help or information from a co-worker,  we ask.  When there’s a problem that’s bigger than anyone’s individual skill set to solve, we talk about it and the best ideas bubble to the surface.

As a vertically-integrated company, we have a diverse pool of talent to draw on, including engineers, architects, carpenters, installers, and project managers.  Everyone at Envinity has a specialized skill set and a unique perspective to add into the mix.  Having a diverse, tightly-integrated team means that there are very few needs in our industry that we can’t address.

We love meeting new people.  Come visit us at our main office at 25 Decibel Road, Suite 205, State College, PA.  (Let us know you’re coming so we can sweep up the sawdust and put on a fresh pot of coffee!)

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