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Become a member of the Centre County Solar Cooperative with Envinity to get tiered group purchasing power, extended warranties, and quality USA Made materials while supporting local, trusted installers that are members of your local community.

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What is a Solar Co-op?

Centre County’s first free solar cooperative makes it easy to save money with a bulk discount by going solar in a group.

Be in control of your electric bill and protect yourself against rising energy costs.

  • We price match AND often beat competitors’ prices.

  • Workmanship Warranties, Extended Product Warranties, and Interconnection INCLUDED.

  • Check where your installer is coming from and what economy you’re supporting with your purchasing power, we’re 100% local and proud to serve the very neighborhoods we live in.

Centre County Solar Cooperative

Why Go Solar with Envinity?

 Envinity has been the leading local solar provider for over 15 years with an excellent track record of reinvesting in the community.

As an employee-owned company, we are personally invested in delivering efficient and affordable solar panels for homes in our community. We have solar designers, installers, and maintenance staff all in-house that are passionate about mitigating climate change and seeing our community succeed towards a more sustainable tomorrow.



Centre County Solar Cooperative

Tiered Pricing

Rooftop Solar:

11kW to 20 kW-$2.60 per watt

7 kW to 10.9 kW -$2.80 per watt

5 kW to 6.9 kW -$3.10 per watt

  • Greater than 20 kW will be less than $2.60 per watt and are to be quoted on a case by case basis.
  • For reference, Envinity’s average roof-mounted system size in Centre County is 12 kW over the past 5 years.

Ground Mount Solar:

$3.30per watt

Fixed $/w is based on a minimum system size of 10 kW.

Systems less than 10 kW will have a greater $/watt.

  • If trenching required to the meter is less than 100ft, included in base $/watt.
  • For reference, Envinity’s average ground mount system size in Centre County is 18 kW.


Residential Solar System State College
Centre County Solar Cooperative


  • The system is covered by a ten 10year workmanship warranty provided by Envinity
  • Specified solar modules carry a 25year manufacturer warranty on workmanship and labor
  • Specified solar modules carry a 25year manufacturer production warranty at 92%
  • Specified inverters carry a 25-year manufacturer warranty
  • •Specified inverters carry a 10-year labor protection warrant
Centre County Solar Cooperative


Envinity’s Base System would include:

  • Module: Silfab Elite 380 W modules
  • Inverter: Enphase IQ7+ microinverters
  • Racking:
  • Ironridge XRRail
  • For pitched roof racking: IronRidge Flashfoot 2

Envinity offers Alpine Solar Snow Guards to clients who desire this feature. We will make this recommendation where appropriate, typically when a solar array is located above an exterior entry door.

Rooftop Solar

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