Who We Are

Envinity is a collaborative, employee-owned company offering design, building, and energy services through a dynamic combination of expertise and creativity. We strive to shape the community we live in by integrating imagination, function, and craftsmanship into high performance buildings and energy solutions.

The Envinity team is a collection of uniquely talented individuals working as an integrated team.

The Envinity team is a collection of uniquely talented individuals working as an integrated team.

Envinity is the type of small business you want in your community.  Since our establishment in 2005, we have been the leader in innovative design, high-performance construction, energy efficiency and renewable energy. We pride ourselves on creating and renovating residential and commercial buildings that are environmentally responsible, less costly to operate, healthier, and more enjoyable for their occupants.

Our value lies partially in our collaborative nature. Engaging as many participants as possible in our work consistently produces amazing results. We are dependent on the good will, great craftsmanship, and shared ideas of a large cast of characters that includes our co-owners, employees, clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and community.

This collaborative effort has evolved from a business model based on:

  • being strong communicators with our customers
  • designing and building homes that no other firm will even consider
  • a fully integrated design and construction process
  • a prioritization on creative engineering and building science
  • custom craftsmanship of the highest quality
  • offering a path to employee ownership
  • encouraging community involvement and a commitment to our local resources

We are often asked, “So what do you really do?”  It’s sometimes a difficult question for us because we have three groups doing so much.  It all boils down to making our home and work environments more energy efficient.  We are custom homebuilders and designers.  We are HVAC installers and service technicians.  We are engineers and architects. We are renewable energy experts.  If you value energy efficiency, sustainability, and fine craftsmanship, then consider Envinity for your next project.



Why is Employee Ownership Important?

When you own something, you treat it differently. You form a psychological connection that creates a feeling of responsibility.  This difference in ownership between Envinity and our competitors creates a customer experience unlike no other.  Employee-owned companies such as ours attracts a different kind of applicant – one who wants to do great work, is well educated in their field, and has a vested interest in the success of your project.   All of these lead to a better customer experience and a better final product.

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