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At Envinity, we have deep experience with electric panel installations and upgrades for both residential and commercial properties as a foundation for our solar electrical services department. 

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Get Your Home Ready For Solar

When you choose solar as the source of all or part of your electric power supply, you benefit from significant cost savings and a meaningful contribution to protecting the environment promising a greener future for generations to come.

However, for both home and business owners alike, installation of solar panels and other equipment will often require an electrical upgrade to the relevant building’s electric grid. Specifically, a new electric panel may need to be installed or an existing one may need to be upgraded to accommodate the solar system.

At Envinity, we have deep experience with electric panel installations and upgrades for both residential and commercial properties. We can assess your needs and handle the entire process from beginning to end in a professional and efficient manner. We are able to service all your solar electrical service needs in-house.

Solar Electrical Services

Electrical Panel and Service Upgrades

If you are going to feed the energy back into your building’s electric grid, there are issues of capacity, compatibility, and safety that have to be addressed. Luckily, our team is on it!

Many modern buildings will already have a sufficient electric panel to accommodate solar power influx, but there are many others in parts of Pennsylvania that don’t; especially true with older and more rural buildings.

3 reasons these electrical services don’t just benefit solar:

1. If you run a lot of appliances or have a high power draw, that adds more stress to your electrical system. Farms and businesses will often require very large amounts of energy to operate from day to day. An upgrade makes your daily power use easier to manage.

2. A new electric panel will increase safety and help prevent a power failure or worse.

3. Having a modernized electrical system is a big selling point if you ever go to sell your home or business.

Solar Electrical Services

Generators or Solar Energy Storage

Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve the resilience of their home’s electricity systems. A backup generator’s only purpose is to provide electricity when the grid is down, however often that may be. If you’re concerned about power outages as the weather gets more turbulent in our area, give us a call to discuss solar energy storage and generators.

Generators: Run on fossil fuels, more cost-effective, more maintenance, large a can be loud

Solar Energy Storage: no fossil fuels, more expensive up-front, solve for all of the issues that can potentially plague backup generators, quiet

More info is available here: Backup generators vs. energy storage

Solar Electrical Services

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