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We believe that home design is a specialized craft. When you work with Envinity, you don’t just get a house – you get a beautiful and energy efficient custom home that will last for generations.

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Custom Home Design

Our collaborative design process happens in four phases.

1. The Conceptual Design Phase-We establish the form, appearance, and size of your home.  We will visit your site and talk about possible locations.

2. The Design Development Phase-We explore the home in more detail.  We’ll give you a guided tour through a 3D computer model, look at details up-close, and talk about construction materials.

3. The Final Design Phase-All the details of your project come together.  We’ll review the dimensions of your future home and finalize materials, finishes, and internal systems.

4. The Construction Documents Phase-We prepare all the documentation necessary to build your home.



Sustainable Design

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