The People Who Get the Job Done

Envinity employees are mission-driven individuals, with an inherent belief in quality and sustainability.  We began our track record of high-performance building over a decade ago before it was trendy or even part of standard building codes.  Ten years later, we have a diverse team of problem-solvers dedicated to making the built environment better.

Few companies possess our range of skill and experience under one roof. On the residential side, we have:

  1. Talented craftsmen with a variety of skills, including green building, timber framing, and finish carpentry;
  2. Engineers and installers specializing in energy auditing, home performance, HVAC, and renewable energy installation;
  3. Designers who are grounded in energy-efficient principles; and
  4. Site managers who understand how to work as a team with homeowners, builders, and engineers.

On the commercial side, we have:

  1. Engineers who are well-versed in the complex inner workings of large facilities;
  2. Project managers who know how to interact with business clients and think strategically; and
  3. Certified installers who have completed projects in dozens of facilities.

We are team players and we have been working together long enough to know how to get the job done.

A few years ago we decided to make the transition to become an employee-owned company.  What that means in practice is that we have a stake in the long-term success of Envinity.  We were in the sustainable building field long before it was the cool thing to do, we’re here to stay, and we want our co-workers to be here for the long haul.

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