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Alternatives to traditional combustion vehicles have progressed rapidly in the last few years; from Hybrids, to Hybrid-Electric Vehicles (HEVS), to Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), and now finally to completely Electric Vehicles (EVs). EVs are gaining popularity, with several established car brands offering promising EV options to consumers. EVs can now travel greater distances, and perform much better as compared to their predecessors.

Need an Electric Vehicle Charging Station? Envinity Can Help with That!

If you’re thinking about purchasing an EV, then your next question may be “How am I going to charge it”?

Envinity can help you with any and all electric vehicle charging questions!


Two Envinity employees recently took several courses through Tesla, including “Charging Fundamentals”, “Tesla Fundamentals for Certified Installers”, and “Home Charging Installation Training”. These courses enable our staff to install Tesla charging stations!

Don’t Have a Tesla? Don’t Worry!

Tesla stations have an adapter option that allows you to charge other EVs off of the wall connector. Alternatively, our team is also equipped to install the two charging stations below, which are compatible with all EVs:

 Want to Take It a Step Further?


If environmentalism factors into your EV purchasing equation, an important consideration is the generation source for your electric grid. If you plug an electric car into a coal-powered grid (like ours here in Pennsylvania), then the vehicle will still be powered primarily by fossil fuels. The emissions from an EV are less direct, coming instead from the source needed to produce electricity.


Envinity offers an option to outfit your charging station with solar panels for greater environmental impact mitigation. We can either do this via a grid-connected system (most financial benefit), or with a battery backup system (most independence from the utility).

What are the next steps?

Call us today to discuss your EV charging needs at 814.231.3927, OR send us an email at [email protected]. We are here to help you find the right charging solution for your vehicle!