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Envinity has been awarded the Pennsylvania Solar Center Lodestar Award

Simply put, this awards indicates that Envinity is a luminary in solar energy stewardship – all without violating certain legal rules surrounding the claiming of environmental attributes. There’s a lot of misleading information out there regarding solar. But here’s a few things to know right off the bat:

1. No one is actually going to pay you to go solar…REALLY

2. If they are, you’re leasing and that means someone else is taking money out of your pocket

3. Additionally, organizations or businesses that have gone solar and sell their solar renewable energy credits (SREC) or are under a power purchase agreement with a third party in control of their SRECs are not permitted to claim that their facilities are powered with solar. They aren’t…that’s intentionally deceptive.

4. “Discounts” and “programs” probably come off the bottom line and are there padding your solar estimate unless they’re committing to making a charitable donation, or extending a workmanship warranty etc

5. Never click on a Facebook Ad of a solar company you’ve never heard of or check the reviews before you click. Many false ads just are lead generating tools and then farm the project out to the lowest bidder. When you’re making a solar investment, shop smart and shop local from companies paying a living wage and who do quality work.

Why is it called the Lodestar Award?

The word Lodestar historically referred to a star used in navigation but now connotes an entity that is leading the way.

How to shop local for solar:

  • Email [email protected] to make a Solar Site Assessment plan, now including a drone flyover by one of our FFA licensed drone pilots (COVID-19 friendly)
  • Attach your most recent energy bill so our renewable energy experts can ensure they’re offsetting your entire energy load if possible


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