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The Polar Vortex probably was a great eye-opener for you this season for how well insulated your home is. What did you learn this week?

Before Envinity usually installs Solar Panels, Step 1 is the Energy Audit as the cornerstone of our business. Why not look at the bigger picture of energy efficiency as you focus on such a great project and stretch your dollars as far as they go for the best benefit? The bottom line is, you can reduce the amount of panels you need to offset your energy usage if you’re using less energy, right? If you focus on all-inclusive energy efficiency projects like insulation, that energy you’re paying for won’t drift right out the door.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners can shave 15 percent off heating and cooling bills on average by properly sealing their homes!


Our Energy Audits cost $500

– Include  $100 worth of energy efficiency upgrades 

– $250 rebate from West Penn Energy (regional location and provider limits apply).

= True Cost $150

This visit results in a detailed report showing your current energy load and how far Envinity thinks they can take you with insulation, sealing, HVAC installs or commissioning projects in partnership with your proposed solar project. Some of the suggestions are easily done over a weekend for a DIY project.

The Natural Resources Defense Council reported that improving energy efficiency in homes is the single-largest intervention in cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. By 2050, residential efficiency could offset 550 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

What can YOU do TODAY?

1. Reserve your Energy Audit today: HERE

2. Prioritize the energy projects in your Energy Audit Report based on the payoff

3. Start saving money and minimizing your risk during chilly PA winters

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