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Straight from McConnellstown, PA – A Medical Center Energy Audit

Fulton County Medical Center Foundation (FCMCF) was awarded $61,500 from West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund to conduct an ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit, complete targeted retro‐commissioning measures, and implement SkySpark web software for the Fulton County Medical Center (FCMC).    

The Level II Energy Audit will…

  •  Review utility bills
  • Break down energy consumption by use type
  • Provide a prioritized and monetized list of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM)
  •  Implementation of SkySpark, a Building Automation System software overlay, will provide ongoing maintenance of energy savings

      Envinity’s Excitement

      After the initial work is complete, FCMC estimates an 11 percent decrease in current annual electric costs. Furthermore, addressing the issues identified in the audit will allow FCMC to strategically plan future energy efficiency improvement projects.

      “We are grateful to WPPSEF for their support of FCMC’s energy audit and EEM implementation,” said FCMC President and CEO Mike Makosky, FACHE. “WPPSEF’s efforts are helping build a culture of energy sustainability throughout rural PA. While medical centers and nursing homes have faced tremendous hardships in recent years, we continue to look toward our future. We care for our community during their time of need, so we must ensure our facility and team are ready to face whatever challenges come their way. We believe our patients, residents, and staff deserve the very best, and that energy innovation can happen in rural places,”


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