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New PPL Solar Rebate Business Incentives Are Here

While the Federal Tax credit and depreciation value have driven the financial viability of commercial solar projects for 10 years +, PPL has just released a new business incentive to increase the benefits of solar. If you live in one of the following counties, you could be eligible for a solar business incentive of $1,000/kW. 

PPL Solar Rebate

First Step:

Contact a solar specialist at Envinity and determine if your power usage and tax situation could qualify you as a good candidate for pre-approval.

Sample Solar Economic Study:

  • Project Type: Manufacturing
  • System Size: 860kW
  • Average Annual Electric bill: $100,000
  • System Install Cost: $1,500,000
  • Tax Credits & Incentives: $657,000
  • Depreciable Income: $404,420
  • Total Cost after credits: $843,000
  • Total PPL Rebate Value: $267,000

PPL Solar Rebates

Project Payback: 4.5 years

Total System IRR: 16.2%

Cumulative Cashflow for the Engineered Life of the System: $2,582,904

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