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We can finally tell everyone that our friends at RE Farm Cafe bought a farm!

Duke and Monica Gastiger, owners of the Rathskeller and Spat’s Cafe, purchased 57 acres of land in Patton township that will serve as the home for the RE Farm Cafe. The property is Windswept Farm, formerly owned by the Songer Family. An existing home on the site will be transformed into the cafe, and the land around cultivated using innovative agroforesty and agricultural practices. The farm has already started transitioning to being certified organic.

This amazing farm-to-table restaurant will emphasize local, seasonal, sustainable, and healthy foods. In addition to offering a unique “theatre in the round” dining experience, the site will serve as an educational resource for the community, and promote food system transparency.

RE Farm Cafe will be built to the specifications of the Living Building Challenge. It will be net-zero energy, net-zero water, and constructed with healthy materials. The project seeks to minimize waste at all stages of construction, and reuse or recycle materials whenever possible. This project adopts a truly holistic approach to sustainability. 

Envinity is honored to be part of this incredible project!

Be sure to visit RE Farm Cafe’s website to stay up to date on the farm and the cafe!