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The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a bipartisan clean energy policy passed that has monumentally helped build a robust solar industry in the United States and is also a huge benefit to Solar Owners here in Pennsylvania.

The current program for solar projects extends through 2021. However, in each of the next two years, the value of the tax credit declines by 4%, before disappearing entirely in 2022.

Last week, our very own Shaun Pardi traveled to Washington D.C. with members from fellow Amicus Solar Cooperative members to lobby for a solar ITC extension.

No one here at Envinity can remember the last time Shaun was in a suit, but it speaks volumes to the energy nerds and building scientists here that this Tax Credit is such a crucial cause for Shaun to tie his tie and express the importance of Solar Tax Credits in Congress.

We’re turning to our clients and social media followers for help!

– Please take 5 minutes to reach out to friends and family members living across the country and ask them to send a message to Congress by using this link- https://bit.ly/Solartaxcredit .

– Spread the word on social media. Share your solar story and make sure you use #DefendTheITC, and don’t forget to tag your friends and family. 🌞