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Envinity specializes in residential solar power system design, solar panel installation, and home solar systems operations and maintenance with our in-house team of solar power renewable energy specialists. As an employee-owned company, we are personally invested in delivering efficient and affordable solar panels for homes in our community.

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Comprehensive Approach

When you hire Envinity, you’re not only choosing the most experienced solar installers in Central Pennsylvania: you’re supporting a small, local business that is employee-owned by members of your community!

Our CultureWe are a small, employee-owned local business dedicated to improving the community we live in

Our Customer Service: We have a track record of success and customer satisfaction

Our Integrated Approach: We are relationship-oriented; we work collaboratively with our clients to achieve a positive result for all parties

Our Quality Products: We use only the best products, such as Enphase Inverters and SunPower X-Series solar modules

Our Experience: We are experts, with several SunPower Certified Solar Designers and Installers, and 10+ years of experience

Our Commitment to Sustainability: We are committed to a sustainable energy future

Amicus Solar Cooperative Members

Envinity is accepted as the first Pennsylvania member of the Amicus Solar Cooperative.

Amicus Solar Cooperative was founded in the fall of 2011. A small group of progressive solar professionals decided it was time to form a national organization where independent businesses could support each other by sharing best practices and pooling their buying power.  Amicus is a purchasing cooperative that is jointly owned and democratically managed by member companies made up of 51 members, in 39 states nationwide including Puerto Rico and Canada. Member companies are passing their enhanced purchasing power along to customers by offering best solar pricing on high-quality solar electric system installations.

Learn more about Amicus Solar Cooperative at amicussolar.com 

Envinity Honored with PA Solar Center Lodestar Award

Envinity Honored with PA Solar Center Lodestar Award

Envinity has been awarded the Pennsylvania Solar Center Lodestar Award Simply put, this awards indicates that Envinity is a luminary in solar energy stewardship – all without violating certain legal rules surrounding the claiming of environmental attributes. There's a...

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All About Metal Rooftop Solar

All About Metal Rooftop Solar

What to know about solar panels on metal roofs Here are the top 5 things to consider if you want to install solar on a metal roof: Installing solar panels on a metal roof is not that different from a standard roof Metal roofs are super durable and most likely outlive...

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