RE Farm Cafe Update

We can finally tell everyone that our friends at RE Farm Cafe bought a farm!
Duke and Monica Gastiger, owners of the Rathskeller and Spat’s Cafe, purchased 57 acres of land in Patton township that will serve as the home for the RE Farm Cafe. The property is Windswept Farm, formerly owned by the Songer Family. An […]

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Save Energy and Lower Your Electric Bill

The fact is that we, as ratepayers, provide the funding for FirstEnergy’s residential programs. If we are supporting these programs, let us also be sure to use them to our advantage. Several worthwhile rebate programs are available to FirstEnergy customers in Pennsylvania. Below you can find a description of the different rebate offers, as […]

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Envinity Employee Brian Henderson Publishes Opinion Piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Brian Henderson, Manager of Renovation and Energy Services at Envinity, recently published an Op-Ed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. With August marking the 1 year anniversary of the Clean Power Plan, Brian discusses the plan’s role in mitigating climate change, the impact it could have on the solar industry, and the opposition the plan faces […]

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What Does Envinity Do On Earth Day?

Ten years ago today, Envinity was officially launched as a company.  Our aim was to construct homes that would have a minimum impact on our environment.  Over the years, our goals have evolved to include making existing homes and businesses more energy efficient, and to install clean, local renewable energy.  So with each passing […]

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Envinity to Speak at the Pennsylvania Society for Health Facility Engineering Conference

It can often seem like the engineering is easy, and that securing funding is the real challenge for a health facility engineer. At this week’s annual Pennsylvania Society for Health Facility Engineering Conference, Envinity Engineer, Kevin Gombotz, will discuss successful strategies for developing and gaining funding for energy management programs. Practical examples will be […]

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Can We Strengthen the Solar Power Market in PA

By Jason Grottini, Director of Operations at Envinity

UPDATE (3.3.15) – Envinity will be leading a discussion entitled “Introduction to Solar Power for Your Home”, at the 2015 Central PA Home & Garden Show.  Meet Jason and the rest of the Envinity solar team on Friday, March 13th at 5:30 pm for this informative presentation.

It is […]

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Welcome to the New Envinity.com

From Shaun’s Desk
Welcome to the New Envinity.com
Well, after many months in the making, we are proud to announce that the new Envinity website has been launched!  As should be expected, the new website is much improved compared to the old site.  For friends of the company and folks just stumbling across us on the web, you will […]

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